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Most everyone has heard of cannabis brownies. Maybe you’re familiar with gummies. Green Light Dispensary opens up a whole new world of fun, delicious and interesting edibles. Cannabis-infused foods and beverages continue to gain favor as a more discreet, easy consumption method. You don’t need to invest in specialized accessories, deal with smoke or ash or struggle to perfect the experience. Edibles are easy.

Cannabis-Infused Edibles

For the beginner as well as the expert enthusiasts, edibles offer accuracy of dosing and wonderful variety. From capsules to all kinds of chocolates, hard candies, and baked goods, there’s a favorite for everyone. Shop our shelves for freshness and flavor. Explore indicas, sativas and hybrids galore. Choose from high THC to high CBD and every percentage in-between.

Green Light Dispensary Offers Cannabis Edibles for Recreational Users

Edibles introduce cannabinoids into the bloodstream by way of the digestive tract. Green Light Dispensary strongly encourages following recommendations for dosing. Stick with a low dose and wait for full effects to set in before consuming more. It can take 30 minutes for them to work and 90 minutes to feel peak effects that can last up to 12 hours. Effects also tend to be more intensive. Browse our exciting menu of edibles, feel free to ask questions and for quicker turnaround, opt for in-store pickup. Green Light Dispensary is a quick drive from anywhere across Washington D.C., Brentwood, Brightwood Park, Brookland, Carver & Georgetown.