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Recreational Marijuana

Recreational marijuana was legalized in Washington, DC in 2015.

Whether you’re in town for the stunning beauty of the spring cherry blossoms, colorful autumn leaves, to tour historical landmarks, or consider our nation’s capital home, Green Light Dispensary is a must-see destination. Both long-time cannabis connoisseurs and newcomers feel comfortable from the moment of stepping through our doors. Our clean, professional environment and friendly relaxed vibe are sure to set you at ease. You’ll want to spend some time with us and enjoy an exploration of an exciting array of brands, strains, and consumption methods.

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Carefully Curated

Recreational Cannabis Products

Green Light Dispensary invites you to ask questions, consult with our staff and express your preferences. Our quality of carefully curated cannabis is matched by our exceptional customer service. We love what we do, look forward to connecting with you, and like nothing better than finding the perfect fit for your needs. We understand that our vast collection can be overwhelming. You may wonder where to begin. Maybe you’re not familiar with all of the terminology. Have no worries. Let us guide, explain, and educate. We offer the information and recommendations that ensure confidence in your decisions.

Our Product Selection

Expect the most amazing terpenes, outstanding THC percentages, lots of CBD options, and a collection of cannabis that stimulates the senses. We cater to all preferences, set higher standards, and never disappoint. Everything about Green Light Dispensary is a pleasant surprise, including our prices. From delightful new strains and rare finds to popular sellers and California flower, we make the best the industry has to offer affordable for everyone.

Cannabis In-Store Pickup Services

Too busy to linger? No problem. Green Light Dispensary understands the demands on your time and is happy to expedite the completion of your purchase. Fit us into your busy schedule by choosing in-store pickup. Give us a call at 202-792-4000 , and we’ll package your selections securely and discreetly for your arrival. We won’t keep you waiting, and there are no lines to worry about. You’re in and out quick as can be. We get the cannabis brands you love into your hands.

To fully appreciate our collection of cannabis, we encourage a visit. We can’t wait to share the vibrant hues, bright orange hair-like pistils, milky trichomes, potent smell, and just-right texture of our flower. Fresh and flavorful, from high to low THC potency, our edibles provide tasty treats and long-lasting effects. For carts and pens, whether you’re just getting started or a well-practiced enthusiast, we offer discretion, ease of use, amazing cannabinoid content, and a wide array of flavor profiles. For those looking for non-psychoactive, curative remedies, our CBD and cannabis-infused topicals are sure to satisfy.

Stop by Green Light Dispensary for your recreational cannabis & CBD product needs!

A plentiful assortment of Indicas, hybrids, and sativas are readily available from Green Light Dispensary. We’ve put our industry experience to good use, representing those brands that uphold strenuous standards of testing and integrity. While you never know what new product you might discover among our extensive variety, you can always be sure of the safety and caliber of our cannabis. We hope you’ll stop by and see us. We make an outstanding first and lasting impression and are thrilled to get to know and assist you. From anywhere across Washington D.C., Brentwood, Brightwood Park, Brookland, Carver & Georgetown, Green Light Dispensary is a quick trip and a rewarding stop.